(Video via The Basic Pilot )

The video showed how a pilot crashed his 3DR Solo drone and lost the camera. It made many people smile and presented quite an interesting approach to how gadgets are loved but also meant a serious thing for hobbyists.

3DR Solo drone may not as responsive as it used to be. As we posted before, the drone was being flown and without any warning, it just crashed. Apparently, all of a sudden, all controls were non-responsive.

There were also reports of the 3DR Solo doing the exact same thing. Apparently, this issue is related to loss of GPS signal. Since the Solo is one of the first drones introduced in the market, it is not as advanced and safe as the ones being used currently. It was even suggested for its manufacturer to have it equipped with sensor modules which takes over in cases that loss of GPS signal happens.

As for the owner, maybe get a DJI Phantom or Mavic Pro at least they are still supported.