Case 1:I was at Sugar House Park in Utah flying at about 200 ft high and I was doing an orbit shot. My Solo drone lost control and it was returning home. Once the signal recovered, I tried getting back up to continue my orbit shot. Solo drone started flying on its own almost crashing into the power lines, but narrowly missed. Solo didn’t respond to the controller and stared flying violently and ended up crashing into some trees and landed on its back. All the props broke, gimball is definitely broken(glitches with a loud noise) and GoPro 4 balck wont turn back on. While trying to turn off the drone manually one of the broken props cut my hand really badly.

Case 2:I had something similar happen to me a while back. Here is the video to show you what happened.

I was flying at my work picnic and all of a sudden Solo drone dips forward and takes off really quickly.I had no control. I hit fly and I had no response, The controller did not say Manual ever during this entire event.

It was windy this day but not bad. I had been flying for about 30 minutes before this happened so I’m sure the wind wasn’t too much for Solo drone. Either way as you can see in the video it dips and takes off, Solo is twisting and turning so much the gimbal can’t stay level. Then all of a sudden I hear. “RETURN HOME” and then I see Solo drone flying up as it gets ready to Return Home. Needless to say I was happy that it was returning but I still have no idea why this happened. 3DR said it was a GPS loss but I had no manual control either so I’m not really sure what happened that day.”

Case 3:My Solo drone was flying a MPCC when it suddenly went full speed off in a random direction. I repeatedly pushed the pause button and then tried to use the control sticks but Solo was completely unresponsive. Mine also crashed through trees and ended up crashing upside down, breaking the gimbal and 2 motors. It came dangerously close to hitting a person on its way to the ground. I sent the Solo drone to 3DR to evaluate it and retrieve the logs. They said the logs revealed that it lost GPS, which they don’t consider to be a failure. They said that I should have been able to recover and land it manually in spite of my description to them of the complete loss of control and unresponsiveness to flight control input. They wouldn’t take care of me and refused to cover the damage. I did have them replace the 2 broken motors and gimbal but it cost me $350 plus shipping. I have not flown it since it was returned to me so I don’t know if they fixed the issues or not. I’m actually afraid to fly it anywhere near people or property so I’m waiting for a chance to get way out in the open in case it does the same thing again.

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