I felt compelled to write a 3DR Solo review because there seem to be too many unreasonably hateful reviews here and there. Numerous people complain about lacking 3DR customer support. I did not find this to be the case. Well, let me correct this, I found it easy to get a hold of someone, I did not necessarily get my problems solved easily, but that’s another issue I’ll get to in a moment.

The 3DR Solo is an excellent product for what it is. Unfortunately for most of Solo’s life, it was priced a bit too high. DJI had similar drones available for a similar price with more functions. Sadly now that the price is just right 3DR is going out of the consumer drone business. If the 3DR Solo would have cost $500 at the time of its launch 3DR would be as popular as DJI is today – I think because the drone itself is good. The 3DR Solo flies nicely and it comes loaded with great features.

My reason for purchasing the 3DR Solo was its recent price drop to a point where I felt it wouldn’t hurt quite as much when the thing comes crashing down. I’ve flown my 3DR Solo now a few times and let me tell you it still hurt when it smashed to pieces on some rocks, but it hurt a lot less than if it would have been a Karma or Mavic. I am not comparing the Solo to the Karma or Mavic here. Those are newer and more advanced drones and the Mavic wouldn’t have crashed the same way my Solo did because it’s technology would have stopped it from hitting that tree branch. I purely bought the 3DR Solo to practice before buying a drone costing 3x as much. It also helped me decide between Karma and Mavic. While I prefer the Karma and Yuneec idea of having the display built into the remote, the way I crashed my 3DR Solo sold me on the idea of getting the Mavic, just because the Mavic would not have crashed into a tree due to its collision avoidance ability.

The 3DR Solo flew beautifully as long as I was controlling it manually. Once I switched it to Auto-pilot I made a mistake with the programming and found out too late that the RC does not override the program. This by the way I consider a flaw that needs to be labeled in bold red letters! I watched all the tutorials from 3DR and nowhere was there a mention that once Auto-pilot is on you can’t override it. That said I’m not blaming 3DR. I crashed the drone and it was my fault. Would I have practiced more at lower heights over softer ground I’d have found this issue before destroying the 3DR Solo. Sadly because 3DR is leaving the drone business they are not selling spare shells anymore. Here is another lesson learned! Before buying a drone check parts availability and pricing! Everyone who flies a drone will crash a drone! It’s going to happen and you will need parts. DJI shines in that and 3DR unfortunately, fails. I did find a new body on ebay, ordered it and also ordered a whole load of props before they are all gone. Fortunately, the gimbal and the camera survived the crash. At the current price point, the 3DR Solo is a good drone to get into drones as long as you don’t plan using it for too long. To me, it’s a practice drone, nothing more. Surely used parts on eBay will keep the 3DR Solo alive for another year, but then it will be over. I am sad to see 3DR leave the consumer drone market as I was told by one of their sales reps. They were second only to DJI, and I’m surprised they couldn’t make this work. The 3DR Solo would have deserved a follow-up drone and it would have deserved to be kept alive through spare pats for another couple of years!