3DR Pixhawk mini looks very much like the Pixhawk Falcon which is available from HobbyKing and others. They do say that they “collaborated” with HobbyKing on this FC but it uses upgraded sensors and there maybe some other differences compared with the HK Pixfalcon.

3DR Pixhawk Mini, the next generation autopilot from 3DR. Building on the success of the original Pixhawk, Pixhawk Mini offers more in a 60% smaller package.

• One-third the size of the original Pixhawk

• Improved sensors lead to more stable, more reliable flight and navigation

• Included M8N GPS receives all of the GNSS constellations for better coverage in more places

• The hard-to-use DF13 connectors of the original Pixhawk have been replaced by intuitive Micro JST

A concern is that since 3DR is no longer making consumer drone it’s not sure if this will match the quality of the original 3DR Pixhawk but for $200 they say it includes a power module, a M8N GPS and cables.Here are the features

  • Advanced 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 Processor running NuttX RTOS
  • 8 PWM/servo outputs
  • Abundant connectivity options for additional peripherals (UART, I2C, CAN)
  • Redundant power supply inputs and automatic failover
  • Integrated safety switch and optional external safety button for easy motor activation
  • Multicolor LED indicator
  • Integrated multi-tone piezo audio indicator
  • microSD card for long-time high-rate logging

How cute is 3DR Pixhawk mini? These teaser pics may answer your question

3DR Pixhawk mini

3DR Pixhawk mini


3DR Pixhawk mini