The Solo is one of the most well-built drones we’ve encountered thus far. The arms are very strong, the props are made from glass-reinforced nylon, and the legs are rigid with just a little bit of give to help them rebound from hard landings. They also jut out in such a way that they protect the gimbal (and your GoPro) from taking the brunt of the impact during a crash.

Gimbal stabilizes and powers GoPro.Anyone flying a Solo without the gimbal you don’t know what you are missing!!! Here are some reasons and pilot’s recommendations why you need to go with a 3DR Solo gimbal.

1.In my tests, Solo performs mostly as we would hope. But Guinn fixates on a small tremor in the gimbal that might make captured footage less than butter-smooth.

2.Really impressed with the 3DR Solo Gimbal. If you’re planning on grabbing quality video and photos with your Solo you have to get the gimbal – It’s a must have. Super smooth video and works amazingly with the built-in Solo fly modes. Great Gimbal and easy to install – if you have a solo pick up it as soon as you can.

3.IF you want to add a gimbal to your 3DR Solo then this is your only choice. It works great, the only problem is that the Solo is known to be a little shaky, so you may have to work on some modifications to get it perfect. But all in all I am very happy with it.

4.If you use the 3DR Solo, Gimbal is essential element, not optional. The obstacle was the high price. Now, you can buy it more easily due to the lower price than before.During it was in A/S center, I couldn’t do flight. If I had one more gimbal at that time, I didn’t need to worry about it.

5.The gimbal works perfectly with my 3DR Solo quadcopter and a GoPro 4 Black camera. Very steady even in windy / gusty conditions. Easy to install in place of the fixed mount, tool included in box.

6.The 3DR Solo gimbal provides an unbelievably stable picture even in high wind.

7.This Drone and Gimbal Gives A Different Meaning To Bird’s Eye View! This Gimbal Makes Your Video Flawless!!!!

8.3DR Solo gimbal is an awesome addition to the quad. If you are flying and want steady camera views, you need this gimbal. Highly recommended.